The Uselessness of Foxes

The Uselessness of Foxes


What use is a fox? He does not what he ought.

He murders for pleasure. He slaughters for sport.

When out on the prowl, in a farmyard let loose,

Does he ask, ‘Do I really need more than one goose?’


Now foxes are pretty and foxes are smart.

But they will not be ridden, and won’t pull a cart.

They stalk. Then they skulk away into the night.

And they have no conception of what’s wrong or right.


So why create foxes if they are so gross?

I suggest, as a species, we don’t look too close.

They don’t deal in scruples. It don’t suit their trade.

And they’re not with morality too overlaid.


What use is a fox? ‘Nowt!’ the farmer might say.

They destroy what is good. Then they go on their way.

But God sees them scurry, and judges their fate.

He’s not in a hurry. He just has to wait.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer November 2013

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