Too many hobbies, not enough time!

As June passes with as much weather certainty as last year, I am begining to wonder if I have my balance right. It’s not that I keep falling over, but I have to balance my hobbies. I love writing, but I also love making furniture. I love cooking and walking in the country and gardening. I would love to be able to go back to painting and drawing and at one time I learned how to make jewellery.  I have a small workshop at the bottom of the garden but it is not big enough to make furniture in, so I make furniture out side on the patio. Needless to say this can only be done in the summer, so in the winter I write. Writing needs a lot of time,  an enormous amount of time. Furniture making takes a lot of time, but not like writing. I have just started making a desk. This gargantuan piece will eventually be 1.8 meters long, 700mm wide and weigh three hundredweight (153Kg). It should be finished by September, if we have a half decent summer and I can avoid too many Saturdays out. My book on the other hand has taken eight years off and on, so far. Every Saturday morning through September to the end of May, from half nine to half one, sometimes Sunday afternoon and sometimes a few hours in the evening. I have written it, then re-written parts of it. Then edited it and then had someone else to edit it. This Autumn I will finish the final edit and publish it on Lulu. Then I can pick up the next one. Cooking and walking have to be fitted in around these two main hobbies.

If only I didn’t have to go to work. I know I need the money but it just gets in the way.  Some people love their job, they wouldn’t be without it. They look to retirement with fear and trembling; how will they occupy their time. Not me I don’t want to be retirment age but I can’t wait for the freedom of being retired. I can write, make furniture, cook and take up all those thing I don’t have time for now. Until then I just carry on using the little time I have on the things I love.

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