The Tale of Daniel Deronda

The Tale of Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda, our pet anaconda,

Went out for a walk one day.

Though not really walking,

For Daniel was stalking

An old fellow on a sleigh.


It began in September,

That Dan could remember

He’d noticed this strange old chap.

Dan was stretched on his belly

In front of the telly,

And had just woken from a nap.


He was fat. He was jolly.

He trundled his trolley

Through countries across the world.

When Dan saw Brazil,

He watched with a thrill,

And the tip of his tail uncurled.


It wasn’t that Dan

Meant to hatch out a plan.

But, as winter got nearer and nearer,

He longed for the heat

And the faint bongo beat.

In his head it grew clearer and clearer.


If he sneaked in the sack,

Santa’d soon take him back.

And he slithered up, making no sound.

Then a shedload of hooves

Thundered off nearby rooves,

And they wrestled him down to the ground!


‘What’s this?’ Santa cried,

As the great snake he eyed,

Who was now trying to make himself small.

‘Do you have a request?’

And the beard on his chest

Wrapped round his expanse like a shawl.


‘I want to go home,’ Daniel cried, with a moan.

‘It’s too cold here for such as my kind.’

Won’t you please drop me off

Before I get a cough, and develop a frozen behind?’


Santa smiled, and he said,

‘Slide up onto my sled.’

Daniel snuggled on down for the ride.

Though the clouds they did soar.

It was not long before

The Amazon river was spied.


Near a huge lily pad, Daniel’s mum and his dad

Saw their son as he slipped from the sleigh

Santa whooooooshed through the sky,

And he yelled from on high,

‘Happy Christmas, and have a good day!’


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer November 2013

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