So Much Technology

Is it me or is the whole world completely technology crazy?

Shop windows are now becoming touch sensitive so that we can browse their offers. Mobile phones roam the world taking the internet to ever greater extremes, and blog software integrates into more blog software enabling us all to blog everywhere at once. Scary stuff indeed.

I can’t complain though as I’m guilty of all these things, I love electronic gadgets. In fact I’m looking forward to the launch of the new Microsoft Xbox add-on – Project Natal. The 3d camera with emotion sensing software. Soon all games will know just how pissed off I am at dyeing in the same bloody place every time. Not that I care really as I’m so poop at games its almost untrue, except there’s that gamer score glaring back at me every time that I log in. But I’m not ashamed, I don’t hang my head and weep I just laugh and have another go – they’re only games after all and not a reflection of my true capabilities in life.

Some things will never be replaced by technology, they will never make anything that can truly love and forgive and show a depth of affection that only a fellow human being can. Can they?

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