The Sitting Silence

The Sitting Silence


I’m stunned. I cannot even trust my lips.

The nervous tension drains down to my fingertips.

A sense of helplessness fills every space.

I barely notice tears that tram rail down my face.


The air is sparked with unopposing ill,

Which marches on, though I sit petrified and still.

There’s no escaping from the things I’ve seen.

They pour relentlessly out of my TV screen.


What’s with this world? Why can’t we live at ease?

Why can’t we fill it up with happy families?

But questions occupy another time.

Faith in humanity has took an upward climb.


Given a world so beautiful and strong,

It beggars all belief how we have got it wrong.

Across the globe whole nations toss and pitch

And I can’t sit and watch. I have to flick the switch.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer March 2014 (Invasion of Ukraine, war in Syria and Afghanistan.)

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