Purple Patch

Purple Patch


I came upon a purple patch, when gardening one day,

Of wild ajuga reptans.  It was thriving in our clay.

No other plants are wont to grow in our disgusting soil.

They dip a toe in gingerly, then instantly recoil.


Now, wild ajuga reptans, of which I am a lover,

Is sold in posh designer shops as elegant ground cover.

The shop-bought sort are more refined, or else they could not sell ‘em.

But then a thought began to rattle round my cerebellum.


Why do I flog my guts out with dead heading, watering, weeding,

And that is not to mention staking, tying, planting, feeding,

When all I have to do (this thought burst like a super nova)

Is grab a beer and book and let the purple patch take over?


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer July 2013


l>Or they could call im Jedward.


No. I shouldn’t oughta jest.

Wotever life frows out is way,

I wish im aw the best.


Ang on! They’ve named im! G.A.L!

George Alexander Louis. Wal,

I never did! Wot a ta do!

Still, never armed a boy named Sue.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer July 2013




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