Princess May

Princess May


Princess May. Princess May,

Lived another world away.

Princess May. May of Teck,

Wore pearl strands around her neck.


Princess May charmed the Queen.

Royal promotion could be seen.

Princess May lost one beau

To the flu. So sad to know.


Princess May was to discover

Love with his sweet younger brother.

Princess May became Queen May

Upon the Coronation Day.


Princess May. Her husband’s mum

Proved a royal pain in the bum.

Wouldn’t leave her former home.

Kept Crown Jewels for her own.




Princess May had children six.

But the last was hard to fix.

Princess May lost her son, John,

Always ill. At thirteen gone.


Princess May lost her dear King.

Truly loved. An awful thing.

Princess May. Her wilful son

Abdicated. Deed was done.


Princess May then lost another.

Little Johnnie’s older brother

Died whilst fighting Britain’s foe.

A heroic way to go.


Princess May. Her second child

Took the throne. Fate reconciled.

Now Queen Mother she became.

To many things she gave her name.


Princess May. An ocean liner

Took her title. Nothing finer.

Hospitals, more than for counting.

Someone even named a mountain!

Princess May. Her son, the King,

Expired. Another awful thing.

Her granddaughter became the Queen.

Three Queens in the land were seen.


Princess May. A much loved figure,

Relinquishing her famous vigour,

Died in 1953.

Took her place in history.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer March 2014

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