We are going on a journey

To a place we love so well,

Where cool lakes nestle in the trees

And cast their shimmering spell;

Where rocks protrude from mossy ground,

Smoothed by the wind and rain

Until, through wild millennia,

They grind to earth again.


We are going on a journey

To meet friends we love to see,

Who, with their large and generous hearts,

Welcome us joyously.

And there, with happiness, we shed

The cares of everyday.

For here is only black and white

And no more shades of grey.



Why do we take this journey,

As many times before.

By ferry, car ride, then by plane?

Into the skies we’ll soar

Until we’ve crossed the grey North Sea,

And touch dear Norway’s land.

If you should make this journey too,

You’ll surely understand.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer August 2013





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