Book Review – The Invisible Man

It might seem odd to be reviewing something that was published over a hundred years ago but it is as contemporary today as it ahead of its time when it was first published. The Invisible Man, like so many classics, has been butchered by Hollywood and turned into trite. H.G.Wells wrote, not horror stories, but more an analysis of life.

The Invisible man shows us how a brilliant physicist discovers the deeper secrets of  of the refractive index of light. As his discovery takes over his life he decides upon the ultimate experiment – himself. Now he has a quandary what t do with such power.

Quickly he discovers that the advantages of being invisible are minuscule when compared to what he has lost and he becomes enraged by his thoughtlessness of his experiment. It is in the quest of the undoing of his experiment that he turns to terror as an ally.

This is where Hollywood steps in and washes the streets with blood. Wells, on the other hand shows us the true nature of what the word ‘community’ means, that thing that politicians desire to create but lack the understanding to grasp. Perhaps they too have suffered the quandary of the Invisible Man.

The book is extremely well written, both interesting and enjoyable particularly the scientific discussion on refractive index. If you have an ebook reader you can get this book for free direct from your reader. Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose but a few hours of visibility.

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