Autumn is Coming

Autumn is Coming


Autumn is coming.

It hides behind the trees

And sends its quiet intentions,

That will bring us to our knees.

Slowly it spreads

Its portents through the air

Until, in a morning,

We know that it is there.


Summer is over.

Her brilliant colours fade.

Across the grass,

Dark fingers lengthen shade.

Dew-drops on lawn

Cling on for half the day.

The sun struggles through

To hasten them away.



Not much will change

In these fir-foliaged woods,

Except that snow

Will turn left leaves to hoods.

When Winter comes,

Cold stepping up the hill,

Even the wind

Will stand erect and still.


Inside our homes,

The seasons kept at bay,

We warm and wait

Till wintertime makes way

For bright green sheathes

And gentle waking rain

To open up the earth

And welcome Spring again.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer Ørje, Norway September 2013

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