I Ain’t Goin’ Out Tonight

I Ain’t Goin’ Out Tonight


I ain’t goin’ out tonight.

The moon is wonky, and it don’t seem right,

And it’s given’ out a peculiar light.

No, I ain’t goin’ out tonight.


I ain’t goin’ a stray too far.

Just down to the pantry for a crafty jar.

It’s much too dark for any la-di-dah.

No, I ain’t goin’ a stray too far.


I used to be one of six,

Come up to the Smoke from somewhere in the sticks.

But now ain’t the time

To turn a few cheap tricks.

And now there’s only one from six.






Peering through the window pane.

There seems to be a let-up in the rain.

But there’s that bloomin’ shadow.

There it goes again.

No! I’ll stay behind the window pane.


It’s time to leave this place.

I’ll find another patch where I can paint my face.

I don’t want to become another murder case.

Yes, it’s time to leave this bad old place.


One day, I’m expect they’ll say,

‘Nobody in the world deserves to die this way.’

Till then, I’ll flash my smile and hitch my skirts and say,

‘I was the one what got away.’


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer November 2013

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