Uncommonly Blue

Uncommonly Blue

Whilst walking down the Forest path,

One morning in July,

A little scrap of azure blue

Flew casually by.

It danced for joy to be alive;

A jewel in the green.

And I knew why it did it.

For it wanted to be seen.


I gazed up at the sky above;

The blue between the white.

There was no portion missing;

Not an absent spot in sight.

Perhaps it had permission.

Maybe it was allowed

To take a small excursion

And be covered by a cloud.




On reaching home that morning,

I took down our little tome

That features all the butterflies

That in our forests roam.

It said I saw a Common Blue.

Well I can only say

That there was nothing common

In the sight I saw that day.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer July 2013






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