A Slice of Time

A Slice of Time (Norway 2013)


Could this be Paradise? ‘Oh, yes,’ I say.

For I am sitting in its midst today.

The sun is beating down upon this place,

And I can’t hide the smile upon my face.

Where could I be that is so very fine?

On a veranda, drinking ginger wine,

Whilst Gerd, my friend, chats to her dear old mum,

And Charm, the dog, lies licking her pink tum,

And I write poems and drink deep the view

Of lush green fields glimpsed tantalising through

Tall firs, thrust high on sturdy, crusty trunks,

Whilst tiny flies career like frusty drunks.

Just for a while time stalls, for amongst friends

It would be fine if here the story ends;

All problems solved; all salient phrases coined;

All things complete; the magic circle joined.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer September 2013


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