Old Friends

Illustrious poet and former active member, Geoff Evans, lost touch with HWC some years ago, when first work and then relocating to France took him away. Recently contact was re-established and during a short visit to the UK he met up with members Jack Ackred, Yvonne Warwick, Joan Walters and Phil Hollis for a reunion drink. Geoff publishes his poetry under the name Toby Wren who once again has written for the circle with this poem to record the occasion.

Old Friends

Old friends – friends touched by days that passed us by
with seasons come and gone we did not share.
Our separate pathways taken, bye and bye,
with journeys made apart and unaware.

Old friends with friendship faded for a while,
though happy thoughts of days long-past held true.
Friends come and gone, and those who sit and smile,
recalling words now left for us to view.

Old friends well-met once more, and
with an ease of warm and former greeting come again –
as if untouched by years, the memories of
golden moments shared that now remain.

And of a brief re-union that extend
this comradeship discovered with old friends.

August 2009

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