The Ghost’s Apprenticeship


Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin

To raise the goosebumps

Underneath your skin.


I’m told that live ones like

To slumber snug.

So I’ll put in your bed

A little bug.


Now what else is it

I’m to be about?

Ah yes! Them candles.

Watch me blow ’em out.


I’ll clank me chains

Just as you fall asleep.

Then round your bedroom

I will slowly creep


Until I reach the bottom

Of the bed.

I’ll yank the covers up

From off your head.


And whisper ghastly things

Into your ear.

And then, you’ll see me.

Then I’ll disappear


Leaving behind an odour

That’s so foul

That you will think it came

From Satan’s bowel.




And when I’ve sewn up

My apprenticeship,

I’ll go and loosen

Someone else’s grip!



© Ruth Twyman Lockyer October 2011








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