The Blue Pen

J.S. Council

We asked author J.S. Council if she had any particular quirks when writing?

Children have their favorite dolls, toys, or blankets.  Dogs have their favorite bone or stuffed animal (usually the kind strong enough to withstand their brutal treatment).  I’m a writer and I have my favorite pen.

I must confess, the blue ink .5mm ballpoint gel pen is my best friend while sitting in a semi crowded café with a Green Tea Frappuccino in one hand and My Journey in the other. Like a spoiled child, Ican’t write a single word in my Writer’s Journal without this pen. It… It just doesn’t feel right…

Black or red pens are brilliant when used for dramatic effect, but the blue pen… It just sings the words off the pages like a lyrical masterpiece, constructing life that jumps out in front of your eyes.

In early fall, I will release book 2 of the Airion series, Light and Dawn. Soon after, I will start writing book 3. I have already started stocking up on blue ink .5mm ballpoint gel pens for the brainstorming sessions in My Journey. It is as important as packing clean underwear for a long trip.

If anyone else has a weird quirk like this and think they are alone, think again.  Every artist has some special item, color, time of day, action, etc that they just have to have before they can write properly. In an article called What’s Your Writing Quirk by Kvargas on, I discovered that people have even weirder quirks than me, like having to bake something while writing or having the make the whole house spotless before they can focus. No matter how much or how many different types of work a writer does, it seems that there is always something that triggers the creative juices.

Thanks for having me!! I’d love to hear about some other writing quirks out there. ^_^

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