Stealing Time

It seems that these days the only time when I can really get anything meaningful done on the book is late at night burning the midnight oil – best get a bigger can of oil as the holidays are rapidly approaching…

The end for tonight:

“Do you not hear me knocking?” the woman from the desk snapped at Stefry who just looked at her and continued to laugh only sombrely. “This is no laughing matter, Stefry,” she said thrusting him aside. “Your friend here has violated our code,” she pointed a waggling finger at Emun who looked up at her with a dopey grin on his face.
“No I haven’t,” Emun took the hat off tossing it into the chair.
“We have rules on who is allowed to partake in the Archive,” the haughty woman retorted.
“No you don’t,” Emun leered down at her. “I know the rules remember,” he added tapping his index finger  on his temple. “I even know what you think of me, Sheila.” Sheila stood there open mouthed, “But human minds do not work in the collective. You only got something of me but I got all of you,” at that point Emun had to check himself suddenly aware of where his mind was going. “This is not good, I do not like to think that way, I am sorry.” This was even more worrying for Sheila as Emun clearly demonstrated that he was able to overcome his thoughts and even take them captive.
“Oh this is good!” Stefry looked at Sheila then Emun and back to Sheila again. “Marvellous,” he squealed delightedly, clapping his hands together.
“We must report this to,” Sheila began.
“Elder Nerrik,” Emun finished the sentence for her, “I would appreciate an audience with him as there is something that I would like him to see.”
Sheila was about to speak again only this time Stefry beat her to it, “Elder Nerrik is not far from here we will and see him right away.”
“Thank you Sheila, this has been a most enlightening experience,” Emun bowed politely. “May The One be with you all.”
At that moment a thought entered Sheila’s mind that she had never had before ‘who or what was The One?’ Emun picked Stefry up and left the Archive in search of Elder Nerrik.

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