I positioned a bench in a nice shady spot.

And it really looked perfect, believe it or not.

It happened a couple of mornings ago

That something strange happened. I think you should know.

I sat with my coffee at quarter to nine,

When a hump in the ground started forming a line.

And then, to my great fascination, I found

That it came to a stop, and was forming a mound.

A mini eruption took place at my feet,

And I couldn’t stop watching. Glued firm to my seat,

I waited for what might come up from the hole.

And yes, I was right. For I spotted a mole!

He heaved himself up through the fine, dusty loam,

Then quickly retreated back down to his home.

Could it have been me that had given him fright?

I guess, for a mole, I was not a great sight.

Today I came out for an afternoon sit

And, for mole adventures, I thought that was it,

Until I sat down on the bench, soon to find

That it sank in the soil. I was well undermined.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer August 2013

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