The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog


There once was a frog, who was handsome and green.

He lived in a log, near the edge of a stream.

He spent all his days, the tall grasses among,

Watching out for fat flies to flit by his quick tongue.


One day when the sun was incredibly high,

He noticed a vision come fluttering by.

But she was no butterfly, skimming the vinery,

But a true princess in all of her finery.


Oh how his heart pounded. He thought it would burst.

He longed for her love, but alas, he was cursed.

Some nasty old witch had bewitched him at birth,

And reduced him to Kermit, for what it was worth.


There must be a way to attract her attention.

Hang on!  There was one thing I really should mention.

If he could just get her to kiss him, it might

Lift the horrible spell and then all would be right.

But first, just to notice him, that was the task.

You would think that it wasn’t a biggie to ask.

But he obviously couldn’t hide in the clover.

If she stepped on his head, then the dream would be over.


So he hopped on the path and he started to blink.

‘He cried, ‘ Yo there, Princess! I am not what you think.’

Then he hopped to the left, and he hopped to the right.

And the princess was taken aback by the sight.


As fortune would have it, she had a degree,

And had to dissect frogs, their workings to see.

But, being soft-hearted, she wouldn’t take part.

That is just how it is when you’ve got a soft heart.


So this frog would make up for what went on before.

She would make him her pet and heap presents galore.

For this lucky amphibian, life would be bliss.

Then she picked him up gently and gave him a kiss!



Flash bang! What was happening? The frog burst his skin!

And, around the princess, all things started to spin.

Then, just as she opened her eyes, with a wince,

Right there, at her feet, knelt a tall handsome prince.


Still green round the gills. Face it. You would be too,

If such huge transformations had happened to you.

Then he crawled to his feet and sat down on the log.

But the princess cried, ‘What have you done to my frog?’


But all, in the end, turned out just as it should.

The pair of them walked, hand in hand, through the wood,

And into a life full of love and blue skies.

And, mysteriously, never bothered by flies.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer June 2013

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