I have been overtaken

By a quite unusual name.

It is the very first one

Upon which I can lay claim.


I am quite proud to own it.

There aren’t many of our kind.

But there’s one thing about it

That, alas, I start to mind.


When I say, ‘I’m a Twyman.

Well, in fact, a Twyman’s daughter’,

They ask, ‘Are you related

To the Twymans at Freshwater?’


You see, they were not Butchers,

Grocers, fishmongers or bakers.

The Twymans at Freshwater

Were the local undertakers!


There’s one thing that I must make clear.

I’m relatively soft-hearted.

But I’m not one who could inter

The recently departed.


In fact, there isn’t anything

I could, in truth, dispatch,

Except, perhaps a glass or two

Of Strongbow. Down the hatch!



© Ruth Twyman Lockyer October 2011

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