Exponential Poem

 Exponential Poem


Someone earmarked  me  a challenge,

And I eagerly accepted.

With eagle-eyes I scanned the dictionary,

As expected.

Egged on by thoughts of endless words

That start, not end,  with ‘E’,

I searched the book edaciously.


Only existed on those entries

That evinced the letter.

Am I an evolutionary;

Exhaustive word go-getter?

In my expert exploratory,

Everything elementary

Becomes emancipated

In this erugate inventory.

I think I’m going crazy.

Oh, where is my erato.

These words assault my senses

In entonic pizzicato.

An end is what I search for.

But emphatically eludes me.

I am enwreathed, entangled.

In this epic that includes me.

I thought that, when I started,

I was being, oh so clever.

I might write my epitaph.

But this could essay on for ever.


© Ruth Twyman Lockyer June 2013

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