Book Review: The White Gold Wielder – Steven Donaldson

The second Thomas Covenant Trilogy comes to an end with a more than satisfying conclusion. As is the norm with Thomas Covenant we are treated to a fair number of introspective moments as indeed we are with Linden Avery. But not without good reason. The love between the two lead characters is complicated by their individual inept ability to quickly forgive. This is important as it shapes the closing the moments of the book and leaves us in an interesting predicament for the next book. I’ll spoil nothing here which makes writing this a bit more difficult.

If you are fan of classic fantasy that is beautifully crafted, vibrant and truly alive then you really should give his saga a try. The heartache felt by Covenant at the desecration of the Land that he loves fuels his rage at the Despiser, Lord Foul, to such an extent that he risks tearing the world apart with his wild magic.

The Elohim, Findail, and the demondim born, Vain, draw nearer to the revelation of their purpose. Findail constantly trying to kill Vain while Vain himself becomes more determined than ever to fulfil his purpose. The giant Swordmain gets to test her mettle against the cavewights with her loyal husband at her side while Thomas Covenant and Linden Avery go face to face with ravers and Lord Foul.

Covenant fears for those that willingly lay their lives down for him with no regard for their own. Earthfriend, is what the Giants of Dromond name him for truly he loves the land. By this stage in the saga Linden Avery has learned to use her sight to heal all manner of ills and injuries and ultimately she must face the raving of the Sunbane. There is so much that happens in this one book alone that a brief review such as this cannot do justice.

I would so love to give examples from this story and give my deeper thoughts to the reasons for events and how they might play out in the future but I resolutely refuse to spoil the story in way. So to conclude: The White Gold Wielder is a fitting conclusion to the second trilogy more so than The Power That Preserves ended the first. I look forward to reading the next our the last of which may even be out by the time that I get through the rest.

A well earned 8/10

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