Book Review – Terminator Salvation

My review of Terminator Salvation – Trial By Fire as posted on

For those of you who have only watched the Terminator movies this book is where to begin reading the continuing story.

Timothy Zahn is one of those writers that could be given any existing science fiction story and take it to places that the original creator could not have imagined. Like he did with Star Wars (Dark Force Rising) Zahn jumps straight in and drags you by the collar into the thick of the action. And for the next 310 pages he does not let up or let go. Whilst keeping track of the ongoing development of the young Kyle Reese, Zahn takes us on a mission back to the desert. To the laboratory where Marcus, the terminator from the recent movie, was made: a mission that wiped out many of John Connor’s resistance fighters.

Read the whole thing at plus loads of others, it’s a great site so give it a go.

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