Book Review: Percy Jackson and the lightening thief – Rick Riordan

I have been meaning to read this book for quite some time. Having watched my 11 year old daughter practically destroy it with her re-reading I thought that I had better act quickly. I was glad that I did.

Percy Jackson is a demigod, the son of Poseidon no less, one of the big three, Zeus and Hades being the other two. At only twelve years old Percy has already been expelled from half a dozen schools due to ‘odd’ circumstances. Having already seen the movie I was surprised to just see how much Hollywood had butchered the story. I can accept some changes for convenience and dialogue etc but not the complete removal of a key character that will have to be present throughout any sequels. The book is in many ways insulted by the movie.

The fast paced first person story often reads like a diary. There are no greatly detailed passages no in depth character analysis just straight in your face action much like the age group that the story revolves around. Rick Riordan has created and crafted a novel, and from what my daughter tells me – a series, that are all as fun and action packed as this one. I can therefore be sure that I will be reading them all as this one was just so readable from cover to cover that I was disappointed when I turned the last page and it was over.

Percy Jackson and the lightening thief  is great read, lots of fun and packed with action all of it necessary. There are no un-required moments. This book is a joy to read. I have already moved the next one to a safe place on my daughter’s bookcase ready for when I finish my current book.

8/10 (10/10 if I was twelve)

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