Book Review – Changeling: Blood Wolf

Another bites the dust and a few other beings were the truth be told. My second review for the fantasy Book Review website is of Steve Feasey’s Changeling series, part three: Blood Wolf. In the main a good read for teenagers and young adults, if there are any that do read.

It begings thus:

Changeling: Blood Wolf is the third in the series and continues to develop the story of Trey Laporte- the last hereditary werewolf. Set in a teenage world where the fifteen year old had come of age and discovered the beast that dwells within.

There are two distinct yet joined story lines in this novel that are both compelling for their own reasons. Trey, our young werewolf, has discovered that he is not the last of his kind and seeks out his remaining relative. Feeling betrayed by his mentor, Lucien Charron, a defanged vampire, Trey sets out in search of his uncle in the wilds of Canada. It is there that he discovers a werewolf pack living free.

If you want the rest of the review you’ll have to click here.

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