Air Happarently

Air Happarently


Ar  Kaff as ad a baby.

A boy she as brought forf.

Bill’s chuffed to little mint balls,

As they sez up in the Norf.


Gran’s bought sum baby wipers,

(They got a frilly edge)

An a silver plated spoon

Wot ee can use to eat is veg.


The fuss they all bin makin,

You would fink ee woz a toff,

But ee looks like any baby

When they takes is nappy off.


They ain’t ad time to name im.

Per’aps they’ll call im Chas

After is dear old granddad.

That’s got sum razzmatazz.

Or they could call im Jedward.

No. I shouldn’t oughta jest.

Wotever life frows out is way,

I wish im aw the best.


Ang on! They’ve named im! G.A.L!

George Alexander Louis. Wal,

I never did! Wot a ta do!

Still, never armed a boy named Sue.


©Ruth Twyman Lockyer July 2013



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